In this video, we look at business goal setting.

This can be hard for some business owners to do.  Having goals is easy, it’s actually having an action plan and steps to that goal can put us off track.  Learn more in this video: Setting Your Business Goals | BDR Business Accountants Mandurah

Hey there, small business champions. Today, let’s talk about something super important: understanding your business goals.

But don’t worry, we’re keeping it simple, just a friendly chat.

First things first, let’s figure out where you want your business to go. Yep, that’s your goal! Do you want to expand, improve your cashflow, or maybe launch a new product? Knowing your goal is like setting your business GPS—helps you stay on track!

Now, jot down your big dreams for your business. Think about what success looks like for you. Don’t stress, just brainstorm. Once you’ve got your ideas down, pick one or two goals that feel doable. You don’t want to overload your plate, right?

Keep it realistic and achievable—just make small steps you can actually achieve. And there you have it. Stepping out your business goals is like having a roadmap to success. So, go ahead, dream big, and let’s make those goals happen together!

Please book an appointment to chat about your business and how we can help you achieve your business goals. Please get in touch with BDR Business Accountants in Mandurah to chat with our team on helping you with your business success.


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