BDR Client Portal FAQs


Q.  What are my sign in details?

A.   Your sign in details will be your email address in all lower case and the password that you originally signed up with.


Q.  I am unable to sign in what should I do?

A.   Firstly make sure that you have signed up but clicking ‘Sign Up’ and using your email address create a password. This should then take you to the sign in screen. If it comes up with ‘You already have a MYOB Account’ click ‘Click here to sign in’ and then using your email address retry your password. If this does not work, click ‘Forgotten your password?’ and create a new password. Try signing in with your email address and your newly created password.


Q.  I have signed in but only getting a blank white screen. What should I do?

A.   Using the following URL either click on the link or copy and paste the URL to you web browser to bring up the sign in screen. Retry signing in.


Q.  I have deleted my invitation and/or approval required email, how do I sign in?

A.   Clicking the following link will take you to the sign in screen.


Q.  I have signed in and see a Task. What should I do?

A.   Click on the task to view documents awaiting approval. To be able to approve the task, ALL documents must be opened and viewed before the green approve button is activated.


Q.  I am using my smart phone to approve tasks but I am unable to view the portal for my partnership/trust/company. What should I do?

A.   Click the 3 lines at the top left hand corner of the screen next to the BDR logo. The portals available should appear in a navigation screen. Click the required portal.