Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

BDR Business Accountants can assist with the structure, set up, and administration of your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) as well as advice, ongoing compliance and rollover assistance. As part of this service you’ll receive members financial position and operating statements as well as audit reports and a fund income tax return.

As specialist advisors, our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure you receive accurate advice. We’ll assist you every step of the way with professional and efficient SMSF services.

Financial Planning

At BDR Business Accountants, we recognise that financial planning services are not just about investing your money.

Some people believe that financial planning strategies are only for the wealthy. This is far from true. Financial planning is a useful strategy that can help everyone plan for the future. It’s important to have the right team working with you when it comes to your finances, and BDR Business Accountants are here to help. We help our clients by using a 4 step process. First, we get to know them, their business, their goals, aspirations and preferences inside out, so we can deliver a service that’s tailored to their needs. Then, we will refer you to the best advisor with the knowledge and expertise that will match your needs. After that, we work closely with our clients to implement the suggestions, while continuing to build a close relationship with them.

Estate Planning

Estate planning refers to the process of deciding and directing where your wealth will be distributed after you pass away. The process is a lot more involved than just preparing a Will. You also need to consider superannuation, tax, family businesses, and assets owned by legal entities such as trusts, just to mention a few.

It is important for your estate planning to be consistent with your current financial planning, in order to ensure your assets are being handled as cost-effectively as possible, now and in the future. We’ll work closely with your advisor to ensure your strategy takes into account all the complex aspects of estate planning. We’ll help you prepare for the future without the stress, talk to our team today.

Finance Broking and Loan Assistance

Finding the right loan can be tricky. Our vast experience gives us the expertise to take the stress out of securing finance for your business. The BDR team will help plan, organise and negotiate the sale and purchase of assets, and provide advice along the way. BDR will also advise you to ensure the loan structure is effective and tailored to your needs. Whether it’s motor vehicle, plant, equipment, import, business or debtor finance, we’ll put you in front of the right people to ensure you get the funding you need to get back to running your business.

Insurance Services

It makes sense to protect what you’ve worked hard to build. At BDR Business Accountants, we understand the importance of having suitable insurance cover to protect you and your loved ones, as well as your business and its assets.

The BDR team have worked with hundreds of business owners helping them find the right insurance cover that won’t blow the budget.

We’ve developed a strong network of experienced insurance brokers which allows us to provide you with specialist insurance options and advice.

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